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MD0320 Multi-Duty Electric Concrete Curing Blanket, 3' x 20', 100°F, 120V (USED, LIKE NEW) - Powerblanket Shop  - 1

MD0320 Multi-Duty Electric Concrete Curing Blanket, 3' x 20', 100°F, 120V (USED, LIKE NEW)

$ 490.00 $ 983.00

MD0320: 120 Volt - 960 Watts - 8 Amps. The Powerblanket® MD0320 electrically heated curing blanket has changed the conventional method of curing concrete in cold weather. The revolutionary new design provides uniform heat across the entire blanket, eliminating any hot and cold spots. If a barrier of heat is applied during the curing process, concrete will cure faster and stronger. Take out the guesswork of difficult cold weather concrete curing. Save time and increase profits with the Powerblanket® MD0320 concrete curing blanket.   We're proud to say that this model is ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards, giving you the ultimate peace of mind knowing you've ordered the safest and most efficient concrete curing blanket on the market!

This item was a part of our rental inventory and has been slightly used. It passes all electrical tests and operates as designed to our original manufacturer specifications. The outer vinyl shell of this item has been thoroughly cleaned and looks close to new condition. There is no 1-year warranty on this product.

Powerblanket® MD0320 Multi-Duty 3' x 20' Heating Blanket

  • Powerblanket curing blankets make it possible to reach PSI levels in a shorter period of time than conventional curing methods
  • Allows for the heat of hydration and moisture retention during the curing process to foster concretes strength development 
  • Helps protect ground and subgrade from frost, snow and ice buildup prior to pour
  • Maintain compliance with ACI 306 cold weather requirements 
  • Reduce downtime and scheduling delays thus increasing profitability 
  • Reduce the impact of freeze-thaw cycles and fluctuations in temperatures during the curing process
  • Easily installed and removed
  • ETL certified to the same high electrical standards as other Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL's) such as UL and CSA.



Technical Specifications
Overall Length in Feet
Overall Width in Feet
Power Cord Type
15 Amp Plug

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